Chapter 138: Changing Tides

Chapter 138: Changing Tides

When Wei Pei had started chasing after Su Chen, the battle at Jade Heart Island had also begun.

Facing Shen Yuanhong, Jiang Xishui didn’t say anything unnecessary. He directly activated his Bloodline Ability, causing the water around Jade Heart Island to began to roil, until a massive wave rose high into the air, continuing to increase in size. Finally, the wave morphed into a thick arm that smacked at Shen Yuanhong.

When they were in the Su Palace, Jiang Xishui could only conjure Luo You’s eye, but now he could conjure an entire arm. This wasn’t only due to the tempering he had gone through these past few years but also because they were near a body of water that he could use to best display the Jiang Clan’s Luo You Bloodline Ability.

Even Shen Yuanhong didn’t dare face the massive arm surging at him head on. He said, his expression serious, “Desolate Beast Bloodline!”

An illusory image of a Steel Tyrannosaurus appeared behind him. At the same time, Shen Yuanhong unleashed a palm strike, and an enlarged...

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