Chapter 84: Astrals (2)

Chapter 84: Astrals (2)

There weren’t any ghosts in the Primordial Continent before. Once a person died, they were dead and no longer existed in the world.

Before the Astrals appeared, they were just fantasies and folklore.

But with the Astrals, ghosts truly appeared in this world.

Unlike the other races, the Astrals were a race that had been created by another race.

If you became an Astral, you could live a long, long life.

No one knew if this kind of life would come to an end, because up to this point, no one had heard of a Astral dying because of old age. Patelocke, in some sense, was also an Astral, but his circumstances were unique. His consciousness couldn’t take physical form on its own. It was the stone tablet that was supporting him, but apart from this, he and the Astrals were all alike. Because of this, he could live for tens of thousands of years without any issues.


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