Chapter 85: Persuasion

Chapter 85: Persuasion

Su Chen’s hand paused slightly in midair while he was putting his teacup down. He sighed, “It seems like you made the right call in dropping by.”

Ji Hanyan said with curiosity, “What do you mean?”

Su Chen explained his encounter with Wei Liancheng.

When she finished listening to Su Chen’s explanation, Ji Hanyan was stunned for some time before she said, “Based on what you’ve told me, he really did find that Spirit Race group.”

“Unfortunately, he’s become a puppet under their control,” Su Chen sighed. “A Vice Director had their heart and mind totally controlled by the Spirit Race. What a tragedy!”

Because the Spirit Race had an ethereal body, they were especially proficient in consciousness ambushes. They had all kinds of techniques that made them experts in enslaving other individuals. One could say that every Spirit Race individual was a Jin Ling’er or a Zhou Juanjia or a Zhu Xianyao, or possibly...

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