Chapter 83: Astrals (1)

Chapter 83: Astrals (1)

One morning, while Su Chen was still doing experiments, a notice he had been waiting to hear for a long time finally came.

Ji Hanyan had arrived.

Within the Su Clan’s guest lobby, Ji Hanyan was dressed in patrol uniform. She wore a pair of Flying Clouds Boots and had a Hunting Clouds Blade strapped to her waist, giving her a valiant and formidable presence.

Behind her stood another person. It was Jiang Xishui.

“You guys are finally here. I heard nearly thirty days ago that you guys were coming, but in the end I waited for nearly a month. Isn’t that too slow?” Su Chen laughed as he motioned for Mingshu to pour them some tea.

“We’re on government business. How could we be as carefree as you, Knowledge Executor Su?” Ji Hanyan replied.

“Oh? Are you saying that I’m holding down my job without doing any work?”

Ji Hanyan harrumphed coldly, “That’s how it was before too.”


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