Chapter 4: Shadow Servants

Chapter 4: Shadow Servants

Within the inn.

The room had been completely filled by a massive workbench and all kinds of research equipment scattered everywhere. A crystal lantern hung from the wall, shining so that it appeared as if it were still daytime.

A bandit lay on the research workbench, completely powerless. Su Chen held a needle in his hand, slowly carving something on his flesh.

This kind of engraving process originated from the Ferocious Race’s body inscriptions, which were improved by Ancient Arcana Techniques. This made them even more complicated and mysterious.

Of note was that the person whose body was being engraved on couldn’t feel the slightest bit of pain - Su Chen had finally succeeded in creating a numbing medicine.

After three hours, Su Chen’s experiment finished.

Using nine needles of various sizes, Su Chen had engraved an intricate tattoo on the...

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