Chapter 5: Strange Happenings in the Li Clan Residence

Chapter 5: Strange Happenings in the Li Clan Residence

After creating the first Shadow Servant, the rest was much easier.

In the following two days, Su Chen created five more Shadow Servants; this time, however, they were the five Tortoiseshell Camp leaders.

Because Shadow Origin Substance wouldn’t raise one’s strength, getting stronger Shadow Servants required that the original target themselves be more powerful.

Even though the five Tortoiseshell Camp leaders were only of average strength, their usefulness would greatly increase when paired with Shadow Concealment. They could use it to sneak behind a target’s back, unleash a fatal strike, and then disappear, allowing them to assassinate even those of a higher tier in strength. If used properly, they would definitely be frightening assets.

In order to achieve maximum damage output, Su Chen had even incorporated the Armor-Piercing Awl and the Raging Inferno Fists into the Hemolytic Totem.

Only three Origin Skills could be added to the current Hemolytic Totem, including the Shadow Concealment...

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