Chapter 3: Four Flats

Chapter 3: Four Flats

The procession behind the carriage grew much larger.

This time, the formation was much more complicated; over a hundred bandits had been tied together with rope and forced to follow behind the carriage, as if they were slaves being led to the market to be sold.

He Xiaochan stared at the bandits as she said with excitement, “Grandpa, look, look.”

“I saw it already, you don’t need to tell me again,” Old He replied impatiently.

The whole time, He Xiaochan hadn’t forgotten to bug him about it. He even knew what his granddaughter was about to say next.

Indeed, He Xiaochan clasped her hands to her heart and said, “Prince Su, you’re so amazing!”

Old He couldn’t help but sigh. His only thought was to quickly reach the Four Flats District, finish his commission, then leave with his granddaughter.

It wasn’t like he was unhappy...

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