Chapter 2: Robbery (2)

Chapter 2: Robbery (2)

The horse carriage continued to advance.

However, it was now followed by an entourage of twelve bandits, stumbling along behind the carriage.

He Xiaochan couldn’t help but turn around and glance at the bandits behind them from time to time, making faces at them and giggling.

Old He, however, continued to wear a frown.

“Grandpa, what are you so worried about? Didn’t you see that Uncle Iron has already captured them all? I knew he wasn’t someone ordinary,” He Xiaochan said.

“What do you know!” Old He said as he slapped his thigh.

Ever since Su Chen had come looking for himself to be their guide, and even when he had chosen the path with more bandits there, Old He knew that Su Chen and his servant were likely one of the legendary Origin Qi Scholars.

But so what?

Just as he had said, there were plenty of people with talent. Experts were present even amongst bandits.

He had traveled extensively in these past few years, and he had seen many youths with inflated opinions of themselves, acting without much restraint...

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