Chapter 1: Robbery (1)

Book 3: Clear River in Turmoil

Chapter 1: Robbery (1)

Early dawn. The sound of hooves clopping on the ground grew louder as a carriage slowly advanced along a path.

Within the carriage was a brawny Cliff Race youth, his massive figure making him look like a small mountain. The carriage creaked and groaned under his weight.

Next to the brawny Cliff Race youth was a small old man who pointed down the path in front of them and said, “The fork is just ahead of us. Both paths will take you to your destination. The left path is around thirty kilometers shorter than the right, but I recommend you take the right path.”

“Why is that?” the brawny Cliff Race youth asked in a low, muffled voice.

“There’s more bandits along the left path, of course. The left path will take you through a mountain, and the bandits are holed up everywhere there. Going that way is pretty dangerous,” the old man replied.

“Bandits?” Iron Cliff squinted...

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