Chapter 151: A Promise Between Men (2)

Chapter 151: A Promise Between Men (2)

Su Chen dragged Qi Weiyan behind him the whole way, quickly running into the stone cave.

Su Chen gently placed Qi Weiyan onto a stone slab and said, “Senior Sister Qin, forgive me.”

Qi Weiyan said, “We’re all adults; there is no need to be so apprehensive. Do what you need to do.”

“Got it!” Su Chen assented, then pulled open Qi Weiyan’s clothes and picked up a blade. He was just about to begin the surgery when he seemed to suddenly think of something. He pulled out a vial of medicine and handed it to Qi Weiyan. “Drink this; it might make the pain a bit more bearable.”

Qi Weiyan silently drank it.

The blade fell.

Qi Weiyan’s body tensed up hard, a pained expression appearing on her face.

The surgery had begun.

Su Chen carefully...

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