Chapter 152: The Wolf In The Darkness

Chapter 152: The Wolf In The Darkness

“So what you’re saying is that those three left without even bothering to fight?”

Su Chen sat atop a large stone at the peak of the mountain. Gu Qingluo was leaning into him.

After going through this experience of separation under life-or-death circumstances, there was no need for them to hide their affection anymore.

“Yes. Those three Ferocious Race youths were quite intelligent; upon seeing that we had the numbers advantage, they immediately retreated. Usually, the Ferocious Race is known for its impulsiveness, but those youths seem to have a brain,” Feng Yigu said.

“Their impulsiveness depends on the circumstances. If they weren’t able to even discern this type of thing, the Ferocious Race wouldn’t even exist anymore,” He Yuandong said.

“The individuals sent here are likely the cream of the crop, chosen...

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