Chapter 150: A Promise Between Men (1)

Chapter 150: A Promise Between Men (1)

“Qingluo?” Upon hearing about Qingluo, Su Chen instantly became visibly agitated.

He charged forward and grabbed Qi Weiyan, asking frantically, “Senior Sister Qi, what exactly happened?”

Qi Weiyan was about to reply when she spat out a mouthful of blood instead, her whole body sagging to the ground.

Her wounds were quite heavy, and she had sprinted the whole way here. Now that she had finally arrived, she could no longer keep herself upright.

Finally, someone else appeared behind Su Chen. It was Ma Xuan.

He was originally responsible for guarding the stone mountain. However, when he heard the news from Qi Weiyan, he had also rushed to the forest with her. Despite this, he was still slower Qi Weiyan, who was injured; evidently, Qi Weiyan had pushed herself to the limit to make up for time.

Upon seeing this, Su Chen hurriedly pulled open a vial of medicine and fed it to Qi Weiyan.

Qi Weiyan’s complexion began to look a little better. She grabbed Su Chen and said, “There’s a cliff 20 kilometers west of here. Qingluo, Longsha, Linxia, Liyun, Yan Ling, and Anyi are all...

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