Chapter 58: Plan

Chapter 58: Plan

In the end, Team Bright chose to remain.

Life was always filled with challenges. If they were to run with their tail tucked between their legs just because someone spoke a few harsh sentences to them, that would be too weak.

Youths were very impetuous. Even if they knew that they were not strong enough, they still tackled their opposition head-on.

After exchanging for all the items they needed on the Reflection Rock, they all returned to the forest.

Nightfall was arriving. They began to light a campfire to cook food.

After finishing their meal, they each went to their own places to rest, talk, or engage in their own hobbies.

Wang Doushan enjoyed catching fish in his spare time. The fatty would sit next to the water, angling for a fish; however, by the time the fish bit his line, most of the time he had already fallen asleep.

Yan Fuxing and Sun Jizu liked to play chess against each other. Yan Fuxing...

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