Chapter 59: Meng Lan

Chapter 59: Meng Lan[1. This is a person’s name. Translated it would be Dream Blue, but that sounds kind of weird so I kept it in its Chinese phonetic form.]

As the laugh rang out, Su Chen suddenly felt his vision blur. His surroundings quickly changed.

He had just been standing on the street when in the blink of an eye, he was suddenly standing within a large room of the castle.

Looking out from a nearby window, he could see that he was still in the Dreamcastle. However, at some unknown time, he had been relocated to the central, tallest tower within the Dreamcastle.

Even so, Su Chen did not panic.

He was within the Dreamrealm. No matter what happened, nothing could surprise him at this point.

He turned around and found that at the head of the hall, a young woman was sitting on top of a wooden, square chair with green flowers wrapping...

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