Chapter 57: Provocation

Chapter 57: Provocation

Zhang Sheng’an was still wearing the same spotless outfit as before. He looked very refined and lofty.

Despite his beautiful garments, however, his expression was incredibly ugly.

It wasn’t just him. Everyone else behind him was the same. Their attire was very tidy and refined, but their expressions looked like they were about to vomit blood.

If they could, they would have preferred to return covered in blood, sweat, and grime. After all, scars and blood were the glory of true heroes.

But they couldn’t do it...... because they hadn’t even had the opportunity to fight a single Vicious Beast.

They had once again returned empty-handed.

It was as if the Vicious Beasts in the Thousand Ashes Gorge had conspired to hide from them. They had completely disappeared from view. No matter where they went, they couldn’t find a single Vicious Beast.

Even if a Vicious Beast did appear, it would disappear without a trace as soon as...

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