Chapter 50: Danger! Vampire Demonrats

Jun Xiaomo subconsciously checked the Alteration Talisman that she had placed on her arm as she thought – Phew. Good thing my cover hasn’t been blown.

Once the Alteration Talisman has been placed onto a person’s body, it would become invisible to outsiders, and only the person using the talisman would be able to determine its location on his body. This would prevent the user of the Alteration Talisman from inadvertently showing the Alteration Talisman to others and reveal that they were under the effects of alteration.

If things proceeded as per normal, this Alteration Talisman would last Jun Xiaomo one week. After one week, she had to replace the same with another Alteration Talisman. Earlier, she had subconsciously rubbed her arm to check on her Alteration Talisman because she felt the onset of her guilty conscience under Ye Xiuwen prying gaze.

Ye Xiuwen continually sized up Jun Xiaomo – this young man chuckled twice before quickly lowering his head and avoiding further eye contact with me. Was this intentional or not? If it was intentional, then this young man must be hiding some guilty conscience in his heart; but if it was not intentional… Ye Xiuwen squinted his eyes suspiciously at the young man. He felt that this young man was not a simple character.

Regardless, this young man’s origin was completely mysterious. Therefore, he had to be guarded about him.

“How did you come to fall from the sky?” Ye Xiuwen saw that the young man only lowered his head and refused to speak, so Ye Xiuwen asked him the greatest query on his mind right now.

“Oh…that…” Jun Xiaomo who wore the appearance of another man was quickly...

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