Chapter 51: Cooperation

The reason why Jun Xiaomo was so confident in her own abilities was because she had experience dealing with these swarms of Vampire Demonrats. When she was escaping from her persecutors in her past life, she had on several occasions encountered these Vampire Demonrats. At the start, she did not expect these seemingly harmless rats to be so vicious once they locked with their target in combat. Their strength was in their numbers, and the swarms in which they appeared in was so mind-numbing and bone-chilling that cultivators would often feel their legs weaken before they even engaged in combat with these creatures.

In order to save her skin, Jun Xiaomo had time and again used Escape Scrolls to evade these swarms in the past. But at the same time, Escape Scrolls were limited in number, and they were especially important to Jun Xiaomo who had then been escaping from her persecutors. This was particularly so when she was persecuted by a number of well-known sects, and she could not brazenly walk into marketplaces in cities to replenish her stock of scrolls and talismans.

On one such encounter with a swarm of Vampire Demonrats, Jun Xiaomo searched through her Interspatial Ring and she found only three Escape Scrolls. If she continued to deplete her Escape Scrolls like that, she would soon have none left to use, and the next time she encountered a truly strong opponent would spell certain death for her.

Forget it. Let’s try to fight it out. Only when I absolutely can’t keep it up will I think about escaping. Jun Xiaomo gritted her teeth as she whipped out her Frozenflame Ribbon…

Back then, Jun Xiaomo had already attained the Golden Core stage...

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