Chapter 49: The Frenzied Blackwind Sabretooth Tiger

Travelling out of the Sect on missions was a considerably hard thing to do, especially in comparison with the days in the Sect where all they had to do was to simply sit and meditate. This was particularly so for the two female disciples, Yu Wanrou and Zhong Ruolan, whose feet had blistered from hastening on their journey. Additionally, they had to sleep out in the open air between these small towns. Therefore, in order to placate and care for these two female disciples, the entourage made it a point to stay and rest for a few days every time they arrived at a small town, before continuing their journey again.

Ye Xiuwen did not have many objections to this arrangement. Even though it would be ideal to complete their missions quickly, Ye Xiuwen did not feel particularly upset by the fact that caring for these two female disciples was delaying the completion of their mission. After all, Ye Xiuwen had always been quite indifferent to the worldly things, and he was not particularly anxious to receive the rewards for the completion of the mission. What was most important to Ye Xiuwen was to gain sufficient experience to break through to the Foundational Establishment stage. 

The only thing was that these delays also pushed back that next time he was able to see his little martial sister again…

Early in the morning, Ye Xiuwen did as he was used to, and he left the small town where they were staying...

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