Chapter 48: Reluctance of a Still Night

Since time immemorial, Dawn Sect had always required their disciples who were leading teams out of the Sect for the first time to travel by foot. This was not because they wanted to torment their disciples, but because such experiences were invaluable. In their travels, the people they met and the things they encountered would broaden their horizons so that they would not be a frog in a well who only knew how to cultivate.

Not only that, the Sect barely gave any spirit stones as an allowance to each disciple, so if the disciples wished to return to the Sect safely, they would have to find some way to earn their own spirit stones on these travels.

These training regulations had proven to be highly effective. As a result of this, Dawn Sect became one of the places that the upper-tier sects would look to first when they scouted for talents and recruited new disciples.

No pain, no gain. This idiom was indeed true of all disciplines.

Notwithstanding all these things, Qin Lingyu, Ke Xinwen and the other fellow disciples had also considered the fact that their entourage comprised of two female disciples. Therefore, on the very first day of their travels, they decided to reside in an average-priced inn.

When Ye Xiuwen first learnt of their decision to rest in an inn, he furrowed his eyebrows, but he did not make his objections known explicitly. 

He could tell that several male disciples had a soft spot for these martial sisters,...

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