Chapter 45: The Sect’s Mission

Just like that, a month’s time passed by without any hitch.

Ever since that day when Qin Lingyu left Jun Xiaomo’s abode in a huff, Jun Xiaomo had not seen Qin Lingyu again. But as she thought more about this, this was also to be expected – given Qin Lingyu’s haughty and arrogant personality, no matter how much he coveted those two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills, his pride would never allow him to stoop so low to capitulate and attempt to appease Jun Xiaomo. In any event, Jun Xiaomo did not mind his absence from her life. In fact, she could not care less about where Qin Lingyu went, as long as he did not show up in front of her.

Apart from this, there was another thing that thoroughly pleased Jun Xiaomo – that is, she could vaguely feel that she was on the brink of breaking through the first level of Qi Mastery, into the second level of the Qi Mastery.

If this were in the past, Jun Xiaomo would not have celebrated such a small increase in her cultivation level – to most talented cultivators, breaking through the first level of Qi Mastery and attaining the second level of Qi Mastery was not a difficult thing. But ever since Jun Xiaomo started cultivating with her Nineform Spirituo-Demonic Refinement Technique, she already found it a difficult thing to increase her true energy transformation efficacy, much less qualitative increase in her own cultivation level.

Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise when Jun Xiaomo discovered that she was already on the brink of a breakthrough within only approximately two months of cultivation. After all, she had thought that with her prevailing true energy transformation speeds, she would require more than half a years’ time before she would be able to attain the second level of Qi...

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