Chapter 46: Imminent Departure

After the three disciples at the twelfth level of Qi Mastery had completed the mission selection process, the other sect disciples took turns as well, each selecting their desired missions to be completed together with Ye Xiuwen and the other two. It was also an unwritten rule that those who managed to complete their missions would give a portion of their rewards to their team leaders, which in this instance would be Ye Xiuwen, Ke Xinwen and Qin Lingyu, as repayment for their team leader’s protection along the way.

“Martial brother Ke, I’d like to travel with you on my mission, is that okay?” Yu Wanrou walked before Ke Xinwen and fluttered her eyes at him as she asked coquettishly, as though with hidden meanings to her words. 

Ke Xinwen had always been fond of Yu Wanrou. Therefore, when Yu Wanrou looked to him rather than the two more prominent disciples Ye Xiuwen and Qin Lingyu, his heart suddenly skipped a beat and he was momentarily dazed and lost for words.

“That…tha-…that, martial sister Wanrou, you…are you sure that you want to travel with me on your mission?” Ke Xinwen stuttered.

“That’s right. I think that martial brother Xinwen treats me well, and you’re also meticulous in your ways. I would feel more at ease travelling with you.” Yu Wanrou said with a voice as soft and sweet as cotton candy, and it immediately melted Ke Xinwen’s heart.

At this moment, the only thought running through his mind was that only a fool would reject Yu Wanrou’s request! After all, he was just given a chance to spend several days and nights with a beauty like Yu Wanrou – of course he would not let such a...

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