Chapter 44: Qin Lingyu’s Unrequited Feelings

“Ye Xiuwen!” Qin Lingyu never expected that Jun Xiaomo’s saviour would actually be the mysterious First-Seat Disciple of Heavenly Peak, Ye Xiuwen. Ye Xiuwen was known to be a person who minded his own business after all.

Ye Xiuwen was clothed in snow-white garbs, and he now stood valiantly in front of Jun Xiaomo. The sword in his arm emitted mild humming sounds as it gleamed coldly. Even though Qin Lingyu could not make out Ye Xiuwen’s expressions because of his veiled conical hat, he knew that the sword intent which Ye Xiuwen released earlier was not a pretense. If Qin Lingyu had not retracted his arm at that very last moment, his arm might very well have been cleaved in half by now!

While both Qin Lingyu and Ye Xiuwen were at the peak twelfth level of Qi Mastery, Qin Lingyu could not match up to Ye Xiuwen in terms of combat prowess. In all the past Sect Ranking Competitions, Qin Lingyu had always lost out to Ye Xiuwen. Ye Xiuwen’s sword arts was simply too versatile, and they could be used for both offense and defense. There were even times where Foundation Establishment cultivators were unable to defeat Ye Xiuwen. How would Qin Lingyu even stand a chance?

Whilst Qin Lingyu’s talent could be considered high, one of the main reasons why he was able to attain the twelfth level of Qi Mastery by the age of twenty-two years had to do with...

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