Chapter 43: Endless Provocation

Jun Xiaomo looked at Yu Wanrou’s flickering, uncertain eyes, replete with hesitance. Jun Xiaomo could not help but chuckle to herself, tapping on the Heart-Oath Talisman, meaningfully saying, “It seems that martial sister Wanrou cannot guarantee that she would not spread rumours in futures huh…That’s alright. Since that is the case, I’ll just keep this, and I won’t force you to apologize any longer.” Saying that, Jun Xiaomo motioned to store the Heart-Oath Array in her Interspatial Ring.

“Hold on!” Qin Lingyu who had been silently observing all these while suddenly interjected and stopped Jun Xiaomo’s actions. He turned towards Yu Wanrou and said indifferently, “Martial sister Wanrou, I’ve brought you here today to apologize to Xiaomo. I also think that Xiaomo’s request here is not unreasonable. The Heart-Oath Array only requires that you keep to your oath. If you don’t violate your oath, then there won’t be any punitive effects on you. So, there is no need for you to be so hesitant about it.”

Yu Wanrou held back the tears in her eyes as she sorrowfully looked at Qin Lingyu. Calling her “martial sister Wanrou”, while he referred to Jun Xiaomo more dearly as “Xiaomo” – it was evident who he was distancing himself from. Even though she knew Qin Lingyu was merely acting here, she still felt extremely hurt. 

It had long since slipped Yu Wanrou’s mind that Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo were an engaged couple. All she could think about at this moment was how Qin Lingyu had betrayed their relationship and how he had abandoned her for some meagre benefits from Jun Xiaomo.

Jun Xiaomo mocked in her heart as she saw all these. To her, the torment that Yu Wanrou had experienced this day could hardly be compared...

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