WDQK Chapter 244~

Chapter 244

Alright, first things first, I would like to apologize for the *** fiasco 2 chapters back, in chapter 242.

The fact of the matter is that the raw we used was censored, and we did not take the initiative to double check the original source at Qidian, or even double check with other raws which are also easily accessible on the internet.

After discovering this, we have updated Chapter 242, and made sure to replace all *** with their respective appropriate translations, which you can view from the link.

Once again, I would like to admit that this was definitely a failure of professionalism on my part due to negligence and sloppiness, and has very likely even done irrevocable harm to the author by being unable to fully express and properly share with everyone his awesome work. (The irony of discovering this the same day I read Ren's reddit post does not escape me xS)

I would like to thank everyone who, especially the commentors who have led me to discover this mistake and I promise that it will never happen again in future.

It is said that for human beings, once broken, trust is the hardest thing to gain back, but I still hope that we will be able to continue and share better and better translations of this epic story to everyone.

Sincerely, Yellowlaw~