VRMMO: The Unrivaled, ending soon!

Dear sponsors, this is just an announcement notifying you all that the end of the novel closing in on us! in fact It's so close that the highest-tier subscribers will reach the end on March 28th, around a month away!

I will be disabling tiers once they reach the end of the novel but Nabuch, one of my lovely editors, has helped you guys count down the days for each tier's end-of-novel date. Do make sure to check out the dates below so you know when to not auto-renew if you plan on staying in your current tiers, or if you want a quickie to the end.

+100 is March 28th

+90 is April 2nd

+80 is April 7th

+70 is April 12th

+60 is April 17th

+50 is April 22th

+40 is April 27th

+30 is May 2nd

+20 is May 7th

+10 is May 12th

+5 is May 15th

+1 is May 17th

I will also adjust the tier descriptions accordingly so any new subscribers are aware of this too! Have a great day everyone, and happy reading! 

~ (totally) alyschu