USAW Book 1, Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Departure (End of Book 1)


Author's end of book thoughts:

The first book has ended, but my heart still feels a little sorrow. I had originally planned on making the departure a little more detailed, but because I’m not experienced with describing emotional moments, I couldn’t accurately depict it. And so my brush has made its course. After an entire day, only 4000 characters had been written for this chapter. Even I’m a little speechless, I had originally planned to release this yesterday, but it ended up being pushed to tomorrow. I will need to carefully plan the events in the second book, so I will need some time to think and tidy up my thoughts. I hope everyone can forgive me for this.

And finally, thank you to everyone one of my readers that have supported me up to now. I hope in the future everyone will be satisfied with my story!


Translator's thoughts:

Not even a month and I have reached the end of a book! Not bad eh?