Deceptioning of CSG Picking Up USAW at WW!

Hey guys, my search for a worthy successor to he-man to continue the USAW translation has come to an end. Today, I'm delighted to welcome a translator that I have known and respected for quite some time, Deceptioning! If any of you have ever followed his translation of Chaotic Sword God over at our friends at Gravity, you'll know that Deceptioning is a very reliable translator who is thoroughly dedicated to his craft. For now, since Deceptioning is still working on CSG as well, he can only promise at least three chapters/week (no donations), but this is a great step towards getting USAW on solid footing again! And so, without further ado, I bid welcome to Deceptioning...and release unto you an (unedited) first draft of chapter 85 of USAW!