Welcome jn19930 and 'The Great Ruler'!

Hey guys, it is September 22nd, and as most of you know, the 22nd is a rest day for me, so no CD for my today.  That being said though, there IS something else for you guys to read; The Great Ruler (大主宰) , a project being worked on by jn19930!  This is the first project that was brought to my attention through the Wuxiaworld forums, and the quality, reliability, and general friendliness of jn19930 quickly caught my attention.  I've watched for a solid two months as he patiently continued to work on his project, and as of a few days ago I reached out to him.  I am very delighted to inform you all that The Great Ruler is being promoted to a 'main page' Wuxiaworld project!  I'll let jn19930 introduce himself and this work (by 天蚕土豆, Heavenly Silkworm, the same author of BTTH), but in the meantime, let us give a hearty Wuxiaworld welcome to jn19930 and his project!  :)