Status Update + TGR Chapter 164

Hi everyone,

As of today, I think I'll resume translation. Peak season is finally over for me in work and I have caught up on sleep yesterday. Although it might take a bit of time for me to get into translation mood, I will attempt to translate at least a chapter per day for the following week. Also, please note that we've added a new translator, Moe, to our group. So let's hope that we'll speed up our translations. Please kindly welcome him!

Also, here is the chapter that I've said I would post, but never got around doing so.

Chapter 164

Translator: jn

Proofreaders: Malcience, Lebin

Thank you everyone for their support during my peak season! I kindly appreciate it.


P.S. I might have to look for editors since the ones I have originally may or may not have gone inactive. Please leave a message below if you would like to help. Thanks!