Stellar Transformations - Chapters 33 - 55 Restored!

So as many of the newer readers of ST know, after he-man's disappearance when translating through Book 11 of Stellar Transformations, the translation has gone through some rather hectic times, including numerous different translators taking on and dropping the project, sometimes simultaneously. Due to some philosophical disputes between translators, as well as some hurtful comments by readers, one of them, Rylain, an excellent translator who is currently working on Transcending the Nine Heavens, ended up dropping his translation of Stellar Transformations and also removing his chapters, creating a 16 chapter gap. This, obviously, created difficulties for any newer readers (or, indeed, any readers who wanted to go back to reread those chapters).

Let me emphasize that Stellar Transformations has a special place in my heart; it was he-man's translation of ST which first got me into reading Xianxia, first ST, then CD, and more. In a very real way, you can say that if it hadn't been for ST, there would have been no Wuxiaworld. So I've felt very bad that many new readers, right at a fairly exciting point in the story, found themselves 'caught' with a 16 chapter gap between them and the most 'current' translations.

A number of people had saved copies of Rylain's translations and offered them to me to post, or even offered to 'modify' them so I could post them. Of course, I did not do that, and I reject that in the strongest possible terms; while I truly do understand how fans feel about it, those sixteen chapters represent dozens of hours of Rylain's hard work, and I unequivocally disagree with taking it outright.

I have been in touch with Rylain over the course of this saga, and today, I'm very happy to report that Rylain has very kindly agreed to not only restore those missing chapters, but also to allow Wuxiaworld to host them directly! So, new ST readers - the 'complete' ST, from books 1 through 11, is now up! Enjoy! :)