Today's ATG and SR pushed back.

Tiredness Punch was super effective! Chapters are delayed yet again!

I feel like I'm too busy playing catch up lately, arghhh. This was completely unexpected, but tonight's holiday shopping has worn me out!

Also, to anyone in the US who managed to get the Mario Edition new 3DS, pat yourselves on the back but no smiling, or giggling allowed! It was a deal I was trying to get for my tiny brother but all retail stores were out of stock! Online "pre-orders" were up in like the middle of the day yesterday (that was Wednesday! blasphemy!) for like an hour before they were all sold out! What?! I even bought Pokemon Moon for him! But now he won't have a console! I'll have to buy him the fatter one before Christmas! Time is ticking too fast!! alyschu hurt itself in its confusion! Okay, rant's over. Hope everyone's shopping went well too!

Current release status for tomorrow: 4 SR Chapters, 1 ATG Chapter.

Latechu signing off! o7