SR Chapter 215 ? Happy 1

Hi all, as stated in last night's chapter release, happiness is coming to Spirit Realm this weekend thanks to Yn5an3.

He has helped me greatly which inspired me to go into a tickling spree since he enjoys Spirit Realm. alyschu has tickled 4 chapters of edited chapters out of the team along with another 2 currently being edited by a tickled doom. These 6 will be sponsored by alyschu, with hopes of 3 respectively being released on Saturday and Sunday.

To let them see the light, channel all of the good in your souls and bless him with kind thoughts, lovely feelings, and lewd pleasures, then pen them in writing, haiku style! Traditional haiku consist of 17 syllables, in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 on respectively. Nothing mean please! Let's try our best!

How to unlock chapters: Happy 1: alyschu's haiku Happy 2: 5 more haikus (Jack, hallowedkyubi, GODOFDEATH, Dinosquash1, and DMR) Happy 3: 5 more haikus (Drachen, Blaxxun, theonlyhi, Sect Leader Accursed Tortoise, and Daethcore_seth) Happy 4: 5 more haikus (deceived, JustAReader, jman253, geassaye, and bkcherryl) Happy 5: 5 more haikus (The-Wandering-Dragon, oranjee, Grinderota, TawaruNemori, and xbartimaeusx) Happy 6: 5 more haikus (cbeas8, skigh, Brabantia, kageshukuun, and Xandarth)

Example of a lovely feeling haiku written by alyschu: (Category: lovely feelings) Spicy lewd chicken I can only think of food Fried dumplings are good

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