Chapter 215: The Might of Three Fingers!

Chapter 215: The Might of Three Fingers!

The five forces had gathered outside of the entrance to each of Armament’s four great districts..

Blood Spear’s martial practitioners, outer sect elders, disciples, and a portion of the remaining outer sect foreign delegates were scattered before those entrances, defending against the assault of the five forces.

Dark Fiend Valley’s valley master, Jiu Liuyu, came down from her carriage in front of the Wind District’s gate. She stood directly in front of it and watched the battle in front of the entrance, completely cold-eyed. It seemed she had no intention of interfering.

Jiu Liuyu looked to be about sixty years old, wearing a loose, long, and grayish-brown robe. The sleeves were sewn with the insignia of Dark Fiend Valley’s valley, and she was speaking with Gold Fiend Valley’s valley master, Jia Songlin.

Gold Fiend Valley’s Li Zhongzheng was also beside Jia Songlin. He was Jia Songlin’s younger disciple and was valued greatly by Jia Songlin.

At this moment, the martial practitioners of Dark Fiend Valley and Gold Fiend Valley had climbed up the city walls and started battling against the martial practitioners led by Tong Jihua.

Under the dark sky, countless exquisite spirit artifacts clashed against each other while dragging behind them beautiful sparks, howling and unleashing torrents of spirit energy waves.

“Elder Tong, w-we can’t hold out much longer!” an outer sect disciple cried out.

“We can’t retreat even if we die!” Tong Jihua yelled.

Dark Fiend Valley and Gold Fiend Valley’s forces obviously outnumbered Armament Sect’s defending force. Even without Jiu Liuyu or Jia Songlin, Armament Sect was obviously overwhelmed and was on the verge of defeat.

“Old Shi will be fine, won’t he?” Jia Songlin asked.

“What do you think? Do you think Ying Xingran would dare to kill Old Shi?” Jiu Liuyu said with a dark face, “In the end, they are just a sect formed by a bunch of artificers, not one of martial practitioners. Ying Xingran and the three great reverends weren’t willing to fully commit to a fight. All they wanted was to develop Armament Sect in peace. What a foolish idea!”

Jia Songlin was shocked.

“Any sect’s development is built on top of bloody conflict. It is utterly unrealistic to hope to build a sect without any difficulties!” Disdain leaked from Jiu Liuyu’s eyes. “Armament Sect actually had their chance to exceed the five forces a long time back. When You Hongzhi was still around, no one could compare to Blood Spear’s momentum. If Blood Spear could have recruited disciples en masse back then and continued their development, then Armament Sect would be much bigger than it is currently!”

When Jia Songlin heard her words, he too nodded quietly and said, “That is correct. Back when Blood Spear was at its strongest, Armament Sect did not increase their numbers. It was very surprising.”

“That’s because Ying Xingran and the three great reverends are short-sighted!” Jiu Liuyu humphed coldly, “The growth of Blood Spear’s martial practitioners is sustained by massive amounts of materials and wealth. They require a continuous supply of spirit herbs, spirit medicine, and the blood of spirit beasts to temper their bodies. Ying Xingran had committed his entire life into artifact forging, and he wasn’t willing to spend too much on their martial force. That was why Blood Spear’s development was limited.”

“Yes. If Blood Spear had enough numbers, our trip this time would be quite troublesome,” Jia Songlin agreed.

“To put it bluntly, Ying Xingran and the others only wished for Blood Spear to be able to protect Armament Sect and nothing else. They never thoughts of expanding Blood Spear and improving Armament Sect’s martial force through plundering and combat.” Jiu Liuyu mocked, “Artificers are just artificers. They will never be true martial practitioners. By nature they do not have the fighting spirit of a martial practitioner nor their ambition or ability to draw blood!”

“That’s true. If Armament Sect had focused on the development of their martial force, they might have already become the third Copper force on Scarlet Tide Continent. It is rumored that their history is even lengthier than Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple’s. It is said that they had the chance to ascend into a Copper force a long time ago, but because they were too obsessed with artifact forging, they were not able to break through in the end…” Jia Songlin said.

“That’s why they are facing destruction today.” Jiu Liuyu’s expression was one of indifference.

It was at this moment when Cheng Ping’s voice came from above the city, “This is Shi Jingyun’s left pinky!”

Cheng Ping threw down a finger from the city walls so it would land right in front of Jia Songlin and Jiu Liuyu.

“If Seven Fiends Valley does not stop its attack on Armament City, we will slice off one of Shi Jingyun’s fingers every hour! ” Cheng Ping exclaimed before turning around and leaving.

‘It’s Old Shi’s finger! It’s Old Shi’s finger!” Jia Songlin’s expression changed greatly.

Jiu Liuyu only froze for a few seconds before she reacted and screamed, “Stop the attack. Retreat this instant!”

Fear was evident within her eyes .

“Elder Sister? Are we really going to stop?” Jia Songlin asked solemnly.

“I still have three disciples inside the city! If they are willing to hurt Old Shi, then who wouldn’t they be willing to lay their hands on?!” Jiu Liuyu said with a dark face and cold eyes, “These people have gone insane! How dare they touch Old Shi, could they be really looking to take us down with them?”

“Every one of you, stop and retreat!” Jia Songlin also cried out.

The Seven Fiend Valley martial practitioners that had almost cornered Tong Jihua’s group into a dead end jumped down from the city walls one after another after hearing the order. They returned to Jiu Liuyu and Jia Songlin’s side, standing at attention.

At Earth District’s city gate.

Cloud Sky Mountain’s martial practitioners were madly blasting the city walls under Ji Liu’s command.

Ji Liu, Wu Tuo, and Fu Chang were known as the “Three Stones” of Cloud Sky Mountain. The status of these three tough, stone-like guardians of the mountain were extraordinary, just beneath the mountain master’s.

They were similar to Dark Asura Hall’s five hall masters and Seven Fiends Valley’s seven valley masters. They were formidable personnel of their own forces.

The three stones shared a great relationship. They often drank and had fun together, and though they might not be brothers, but they were closer than even blood brothers.

At this moment, the handsome Ji Liu was lifting a flagon and drinking wine while ordering his subordinates, “C’mon little bastards, break the city quickly and stop delaying me from having a drink with Wu Tuo!”

“If Cloud Sky Mountain continues to attack the city, then you may only be able to drink wine with Wu Tuo’s body.” Cheng Ping suddenly appeared and threw out Wu Tuo’s pinky. He yelled, “If Cloud Sky Mountain continues to attack the city, we will slice off one of Wu Tuo’s fingers every hour!”

Ji Liu’s handsome face instantly twisted. “How dare you harm Wu Tuo!”

“You have an hour. Remember, if you continue to attack, an hour later, Wu Tuo will lose another finger!” Cheng Ping did not bother with him and left the city walls.

“Lord, what do we do?” some of Ji Liu’s subordinates asked him.

Ji Liu’s expression was ugly as he angrily scolded them, “F*cking bastards, what do you think we should do? Get down from the walls right now! If anyone dares to continue attacking the city, then I will be the first to slaughter him!”

The handsome looking, seemingly calm and collected Ji Liu exposed his true violent nature at this moment.

As soon as his subordinates saw him act in such a manner, their expressions all changed. No one dared to challenge him as they hurriedly jumped down from the city walls.

“Old Wu, when the other city gates are broken and you are safe, I will break the arm of those who harmed you and take revenge for you!” Ji Liu said fiercely.

At Water District’s city entrance.

A beautiful, voluptuous woman led a group of Purple Mist Sea’s martial practitioners and was also attacking the city gates.

She was Feng Ling, the first wife of Purple Mist Sea’s master.

Feng Ling and Su Ziying were both the wives of Purple Mist Sea’s master, Yu Dai. They might both serve the same husband, but they were on remarkably good terms with each other. It was said that their relationship was very good and that they had never argued with each other because of Yu Dai.

Feng Ling, dressed in long, purple skirt teased Yi Yuan smilingly, “You could have just tied up that Lian Rou and brought her back, couldn’t you? Even if there is an upheaval in Armament Sect, how long can they hold out? Isn’t their city going to be destroyed just the same? You came all this way to Armament Sect and stayed here for a year, yet you still failed to capture her heart. Yi Yuan, even your big aunt’s gonna look down on you now.”

Yi Yuan’s expression was one of awkwardness and embarrassment. He changed the topic and asked, “Will Second Mistress be fine?”

“Don’t worry, Ying Xingran is a coward. He wouldn't dare touch Ziying. He knows the weight of Ziying in Old Yu’s heart very well. If he dares touch a hair on Ziying’s head, Old Yu would definitely kill every artificer in Armament Sect. As long as Ying Xingran hasn’t gone crazy, there’s no way he would act recklessly,” Feng Ling said off-handedly.

“This is Su Ziying’s left little finger. Take a good look!” Cheng Ping appeared again and threw over a translucent finger, saying, “If Purple Mist Sea continues to attack the city, Su Ziying will lose a finger every hour!”

Once finished, Cheng Ping looked at Yi Yuan from afar before finally leaving with a cold expression on his face.

Yi Yuan immediately frowned upon seeing this.

Feng Ling’s previous calmness had instantly disappeared. Gripping that finger, her face was green. “This is Ziying’s finger!”

Yi Yuan smiled bitterly and sighed once in his heart. He knew that there was no longer any room for forgiveness between Purple Mist Sea and Armament Sect.

“Temporarily stop the attack on the city, every one of you, get your asses down here now!” Feng Ling exclaimed angrily before turning to look at one man and yelling, “Send out the notice this instant and say that one of Ziying’s fingers have been cut! Tell Old Yu to get his ass over here this instant!”

“As you wish,” the man quickly answered.

Yi Yuan’s expression grew bitter by the second.

He knew that Purple Mist Sea’s master, Yu Dai, would personally arrive any moment. He would be bringing Purple Mist Sea’s true elites.

With this, Armament Sect would most likely be fraught with only grim possibilities this time. Not even the inner sect elders might survive.

“Sigh…” Yi Yuan sighed deeply. He did not wish to see the current situation, but he was powerless to stop it.

Fire District.

A tall stone tower abruptly fell. The streets were wrought with a flurry of sand and stones and bore many deep marks.

Two figures could still be seen fighting intensely amidst the rubble.

Of course, it was Lang Xie and Xie Zhizhang.

Sword in hand, Xie Zhizhang’s sword energy was like a rainbow. The rainbow light appeared domineering as it crushed the numerous pavilions surrounding them.

A bolt of bloody light slipped erratically through the sword rainbows, streaking across the roiling sand and stones to avoid the rainbow locked onto it.

“You can’t hold out much longer. Your true realm is only at the pinnacle of the Netherpassage Realm. You are still one step away from breaking through to the Fulfillment Realm.”

Xie Zhizhang’s was calm and collected. While he was waving his sword, he still had the leisure to speak, “I may not know what kind of secret arts you used to increase your power to such a state in a short amount of time, but I am sure that it will leave you with severe side effects. Moreover, you can’t maintain this state for long. Even now I can already feel that your life energy is subsiding. If you continue on like this, you will exhaust yourself and die.”

Lang Xie’s body continued to sparkle like a bloody light amidst the roiling wind and sand.

“If you are willing to surrender and live incognito for a while, the Xie Family is willing to recruit you.” Xie Zhizhang smiled and revealed his true objective.

The Xie Family and the two other families of Profound Heaven Alliance were different from Eight Extreme Temple.

Others wished to take in Mo Hai, whereas they wished to obtain Lang Xie.

The main reason Xie Zhizhang had come over today was for Lang Xie, to absorb Lang Xie into the Xie Family as a subordinate.

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