Chapter 215: The Might of Three Fingers! (Teaser)

Chapter 215: The Might of Three Fingers!

The five forces had gathered outside of the entrance to each of Armament’s four great districts..

Blood Spear’s martial practitioners, outer sect elders, disciples, and a portion of the remaining outer sect foreign delegates were scattered before those entrances, defending against the assault of the five forces.

Dark Fiend Valley’s valley master, Jiu Liuyu, came down from her carriage in front of the Wind District’s gate. She stood directly in front of it and watched the battle in front of the entrance, completely cold-eyed. It seemed she had no intention of interfering.

Jiu Liuyu looked to be about sixty years old, wearing a loose, long, and grayish-brown robe. The sleeves were sewn with the insignia of Dark Fiend Valley’s valley, and she was speaking with Gold Fiend Valley’s valley master, Jia Songlin.

Gold Fiend Valley’s Li Zhongzheng was also beside Jia Songlin. He was Jia Songlin’s younger disciple and was valued greatly by Jia Songlin.

At this moment, the martial practitioners of Dark Fiend Valley and Gold Fiend Valley had climbed up the city walls and started battling against the martial practitioners led by Tong Jihua.

Under the dark sky, countless exquisite spirit artifacts clashed against each other...

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