SR & ATG 676 Adjustments (READ ME)

ATG 676 Hey all, I'm awake and feeling super strong so bear with me here. I've been pretty much zooming through the translation checks at supersonic speed for the last few chapters because I really didn't want to stay up late (this was why there wasn't a full alyschu anywhere in sight for ATG lately) and a wonderful reader found a sentence where the translation skipped over its beginning part due to bouncy eyeballs. I would like to apologize for the mistranslation here and the shameless quickie check that I did which did not notice the error! My quickies usually have a 99% success rate at catching stray strands of yarn but 676 was just not my night. I can't promise that I won't do quickie checks in the future because I just can't stay up sometimes. Forgivu me.

Sentence changed: Although the Dragon Soul Domain’s strength could defeat enemies in the blink of an eye, the amount of energy Yun Che expended was exceedingly large.

Although the strength of this pressure couldn't compare with the Dragon Soul Domain, which could defeat enemies' minds in an instant, the amount of energy Yun Che expended to sustain this pressure was still exceedingly large.

tl;dr - What Yun Che used was not the Dragon Soul Domain. - alyschu will still be doing shameless translation check quickies if she can't stay awake. - If you see any other shenanigans in the future, feel free to point them out in the comments! If you don't think senpai-chu is noticing you, you can also shake your tambourines at me in the wuxiaworld discord.

SR Regarding the past chapter that said Mo Hai lit up all the pillars: I literally had my suspicions on the exact chapter the author wrote that because I read through it ages ago (call me aheadchu) but I followed the raws and let it stay because I am also doubtchu. I will be attempting to find the specific chapter when I get home later today and fixing it since the chapter with his specific 1 pillar talent was released.

It's not like I'm secretly hoping someone can help me find the chapter, but if someone feels like rereading the past chapters and finds it, do tell!

I'm not secretly hoping okay?

Totally not.

Okay maybe just a little.