No SOTR today

In case anyone's waiting with bated breath on today's SOTR, there will be none today!

Just to reiterate something I said on today's GDK chapter posting, I may be taking a break towards the remainder of this week because I'm:

  1. Flying halfway across the world (I fly out in two days!)
  2. Moving into a new apartment
  3. Buying beds and furniture and such
  4. Starting a new job
  5. And most importantly, paying attention to a paid translating gig that I’ve neglected for far too long. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to miss the deadline if I don’t do more and soon. So I will check back in during a week’s time to see where I am!

That and I've been fighting off being sick since my family is. >< But whew! It's a bit eye goggling to see how much has been happening over the past couple months. I've been interviewing for three months straight until a job popped up that led me back to where I was. :P I moved twice in the last two months, with the flight being the third. T_T And I've been apartment hunting remotely. I think I'm a sucker for self punishment hahaha.

But despair not! The SOTR short story contest winners have been announced, go read them while we come back tomorrow!