My other novel Necropolis Immortal -- post apocalyptic xianxia -- has hit 1000 chapters! Win an Oculus Rift, Pokemon for Switch, or cash equivalent!

In celebration of NECRO's 1000th chapter, I'm delighted to co-host a writing contest with Moonquill! 

Write a short story about your favorite NECRO event, whether on screen or off screen. Maybe someone will finally tell the story of that bean soldier being the scapegoat of 36 tribulations, or might we have the legends of the Flying Head Sect? Or the files of Feinie's therapist, AKA the girl who can't stop blowing herself up.

Whatever you decide on, it has to be faithful to the NECRO universe, e.g. Miao can't suddenly be a bear or Lu Yun is from Saturn.


1) Oculus Quest -- because we don't have enough illusions and formations in NECRO, eh?2) Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl -- are the Yama Kings or Old-Men-With-Flying-Heads the Pokemon in this series?3) Not quite the Tome of Life and death, but a copy each of light novels Lord of Goblins & A World Without God 

Additionally, I'll be sending the winners one of my Astral White Tiger pins!

Bonus: Make it horror themed to place your entry in Moonquill's writing prompt for a shot at two prize pools! Moonquill also has a general horror prompt, winners will have their story professionally narrated and receive copies of their published works!

Works can be submitted here. 

Yes indeed, that's Diexi on the banner. She says enter le contest, or heads will roll.