♔ SOTR Chapter 96!

Whoops, so sorry guys. In between traveling for mo' interviews and all the editor applicants that I was going through, I got my chapter numbers mixed up. >< Y'all got a behind the scenes peek at what usually goes on in the editing process! I TL, my editors edit, and then I accept or reject depending on my mood, the weather, and whether or not I have a cute pusheen lined up. :D Speaking of pusheens, I was lol'ing at how one of the reddit comments last chapter was "a pusheen molesting a marshmallow". It is *not* molesting a marshmallow lol!

Here's the nicely edited by Studmonster chapter!

Speaking of editors, applications are now closed. I went through I believe 50+ applications in a week, thank you all for the enthusiasm and interest! I have selected one brave soul out of the bunch, kudos to him for being willing to dive into the fray, and will properly introduce him to y'all when I post the first chapter he edits!

We are four chapters away from ch 100!! Eeee!

<3 etvo