Chapter 96: Eastern Lu, Here’s Your Dukedom Back (Teaser)

Chapter 96: Eastern Lu, Here’s Your Dukedom Back

Out of the 108 dukes, more than half of them had already openly sided with the Duke of Soaring Dragon.

“The remaining half of the dukes should be loyal to me. Even if there is a forty-sixty split, I have the Tiandu army, the city guard, the royal personal guards, as well as the royal experts and the court officials’ elite personal guards. My strength will absolutely not be lower than that of the Duke of Soaring Dragon.”

Eastern Lu was calculating the other’s strength. As long as the rest of the dukes were loyal to him, and he added to that the trump cards the royal family held, what need did he have to fear the Duke of Soaring Dragon?

Of course, Eastern Lu hadn’t given up his illusions even now. He was still dreaming of forcing others to submit without a fight.

Except, reality was much crueler than he thought. The rest of the dukes that trickled into the palace one by one only numbered between twenty and thirty.

This was to say that the neutral attitudes of the other twenty to thirty dukes were quite clear. They wouldn’t side with Soaring Dragon, but neither would they listen to the royal family’s deployment.

To Eastern Lu, these neutral dukes were a disaster for the royal family.

However, the twenty to thirty dukes who entered the palace were true friends of the Eastern clan. They were diehard Eastern supporters. They also knew...

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