♔ SOTR Chapter 272 ♔

Special shout out to Broosk! (The wonderful technomancer who keeps things running for me!)

Edited by: Deyna

Alright, you know a villain's horrid when his own dad starts yelling at him. I think I rolled my eyes so many times in this chapter that they almost got stuck in the back of my head.

By the by, I was dared to wish Larry Z. a Happy Birthday, so Happy Birthday Larry! :)

I know we have lots of artistically inclined folk on WW, so if any of you care to enter an art contest, Release that Witch is having an art contest to celebrate 100 chapters! It's a fantastic, non run-of-the-mill novel that provokes a lot of intense discussion in comments. Historical accuracy, inventing concrete in the Middle Ages your thing? Send in a submission!

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