Chapter 272: The Iron Family Panics

Chapter 272: The Iron Family Panics

Deep within the Precious Tree Sect, Iron Can almost leapt up in anger and fear when he learned that Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi were being held at the Jiang manor.

He’d been the one who’d learned that Ye Chonglou was coming to the sect this time and had privately authorized Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi to go destroy Jiang Chen.

Who would’ve thought that they’d fail?!

And, the entire group of eighteen with two earth spirit realm practitioners had all fallen, without even the help of Ye Chonglou!

This news petrified Iron Can. He was well aware of Iron Dazhi’s strength.

His nephew’s potential on the world of martial dao was much, much higher than his. To put it frankly, Iron Dazhi’s level of training would surpass his in another three years.

Therefore, he’d been greatly confident when Iron Dazhi took the field himself.

However, reality had once again slapped Iron Can in the face. Iron Dazhi had been taken and was held by Jiang Chen!

He’d even sent messengers telling Iron Can to bring ransom, or they’d be killed after 24 hours.

He’d start killing one every 15 minutes until none were left.

Iron Can almost...

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