♔ SOTR Chapter 197 ♔

In the absence of Pokemon Go...

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

I have downloaded Pokemon Zeta, Insurgence, and am ferreting around for a DS to play Pokemon White 2 on. ..:D *smiles brilliantly* And you guys thought Pokemon Go would kill my translations... I'm doing that well enough myself! Hahaha. ><

But honestly speaking, to give you guys an idea of how packed my days are, I moved out of the apartment back into my parents' to get ready to pack for the States. Had a dentist appointment today, translated only 2.5 chapters because I was announcing a new novel on my site, and had to sign and return all documents relating to my new job. And now I'm playing League to destress. Waurghhhh.

<3 etvo