Chapter 197: Dan Fei Goes Crazy Too

Chapter 197: Dan Fei Goes Crazy Too

Another three days passed. During these three days, Jiang Chen sensed at least twenty to thirty spirit creatures making their way south in a great hurry.

These were only the ones that he could sense and didn’t even include those far off in the distance.

“Something huge must have happened in the south. However, our chances increase as these spirit creatures leave. According to my judgement, there are definitely female spirit creatures in the suckling period amongst them. If I’m sensing this correctly, there’s are definitely baby spirit animals ahead. All that remains to be seen is when this woman can find them!”

Jiang Chen wasn’t as optimistic as Dan Fei. No matter how she urged him on, he neither quickened nor slowed his pace, journeying onwards by his own tempo.

On the afternoon of the sixth day, Dan Fei finally made a discovery.

“Jiang Chen, I’m willing to bet that there are baby spirit animals in the valley ahead.”

“Are you sure?”

Dan Fei’s tone was a bit agitated, “I'm sure. I've conducted many years of research in this area. I know how to determine if there are baby spirit animals present.”

Jiang Chen’s nose twitched slightly as he nodded, “There are indeed a few traces of the scent unique to suckling young...

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