♔ SOTR Chapter 181 ♔

I named myself Intrepid Farter!?

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL and Jafz

This chapter is brought to us by Broosk of the amazing world of servers and coding that etvo knows absolutely jack all about. :D He helped tighten up some things on the backend of my site a few days ago and I'm eternally grateful, so here's in honor of Broosk! :D

And I named myself Intrepid Farter with what I proposed last post?! *hurk* That won't do. I'll have to come up with better titles. I like Fluffeh Celestial Princess myself. That's what girl #1 will be named, aka me. :D I'll have to come up with better names for everyone:

#5 - why isn't etvo double releasing everyday

#7 - lock down the editors and throw away the key!

..okay. Those a bit long. Too uninspired. I like the Intrepid Lady Readers though, and thank you all ladies for making accounts to comment! :D Come join the Intrepid Lady Readers and we shall ah.... hmm. We can come up with a mission statement later. :D