Chapter 181: Dan Fei with Her Emotions in Disarray

Chapter 181: Dan Fei with Her Emotions in Disarray

“Heh heh, little Dan, what’s wrong? Your face doesn’t look too good. Did Jiang Chen run afoul of you somehow?” Tutor Ye asked with a chuckle.

“No, I just don’t like his strutting figure. Who does he think he is! Teacher, that little brat dares reject your intention to take him as a disciple although you are a personage of such character!”

“Little Dan, this doesn’t seem like you.” The old tutor smiled. “When did our little Dan become so irritated by matters like this?”

Dan Fei was a bit irked, “Teacher, Dan’er is being a champion for your cause out of the goodness of my heart, yet you laugh at me.”

“Haha, to think that the Dan Fei all the young men in the capital are infatuated with also has the side of a young girl. Little Dan, if they saw your current state, it would surely completely overturn their understanding of you.”

“Then let them overturn! Who asked those silly children to think of me?!” Dan Fei was obviously very spoiled in front of the old tutor, and was acting markedly different from her coolly composed and competent exterior during the banquet.

“Alright, little Dan, all...

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