♔ SOTR Chapter 178 ♔

Here 'tis! The surprise double!

Edited by: Studmonster

Pardon, the double was to come this morning, but I got distracted by some shenanigans involved in trying to prevent my chapters for other novels being stolen. Always support translators at their proper, original sites please! Sorry that makes you guys have to check multiple sites, but having our work properly credited to us is very important!

Now, I'm glad my posts amuse. XD LOL at your comments too:

  • WWWW - Wuxiaworld War of the Wives
  • WW couples sitting under a tree and feverishly f5'ing
  • Chaining editors to basements (I like that one too! XD *runs away from her editors*)
Today's regular chapter coming tonight!

<3 etvo