Chapter 178: The Most Straightforward Way to Resolve Things

Chapter 178: The Most Straightforward Way to Resolve Things

To be honest, she didn’t think that Jiang Chen was some shady character that was trying to take advantage of her. Dan Fei had secretly been observing this young man. Even when the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that he offered had been chosen as the best gift, no changes could be seen that had made their way across the young man’s expression. This completely diffident expression was absolutely not something that a young man could put on.

Jiang Chen had even given up the coveted opportunity to ask questions of the honored tutor when his gift was chosen as the best, passing them onto his two companions.

Dan Fei also knew that some young men liked to pretend that they were deep or carefree in order to attract her attention.

Dan Fei had also originally suspected that Jiang Chen was pretending.

But after repeated conscious and unconscious observations, she discovered that she’d been thinking too much. Jiang Chen wasn’t pretending, he truly didn’t care about her.

When Lin Qianli and Tian Shao had asked their questions, Jiang Chen’s eyes had even been closed. That completely indifferent expression was only missing these words tattooed on his face -- what the hell does any of this have anything to do with me?

Even when she’d led the Phoenix-Dragon...

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