♔ SOTR Chapter 123!

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I had planned on taking this day as a "cleared the queue" break day, particularly as I spent most of the day making arrangements for a trip to the States in two weeks. Folks! Update times might spasm drastically in two weeks, and then Western readers will have much more of a fighting chance to get first on the chapters, particularly those on the east coast!

But I happened to glance at NU rankings today and my mouth dropped in shock to see that SOTR was ranked #4 for the month and #13 all time! Now, many will say that rankings are bunk and whatever, but I never would've imagined this a mere half year ago, when I joined the scene. So much <3 to all of you! Great Demon King is also ranked #31 for the month, and quickly nearing  its 100th chapter release (..now I need to go translate tons to make it rain chapters for that special occasion too). So I just felt that I had to release a celebratory chapter for all of you.

Thank you so much for loving and supporting the series! It's not your typical wham, bam, MC kablams everyone and everything insight, so I really appreciate your readership!

This makes for 2/3 regular chapters thus far this week, 2 sponsored chapters, and 1 celebratory chapter!

<3 etvo