Chapter 123: Will You Take Ruo’er as Your Wife in the Future?

Chapter 123: Will You Take Ruo’er as Your Wife in the Future?

Jiang Chen was stunned. He’d only been teasing Princess Gouyu and had cracked a joke with her, intent on intimidating her a bit. Who would’ve thought that with Princess Gouyu’s personality, she’d take it so seriously?

This made it difficult for Jiang Chen to back down, like he was riding a tiger.

Chuckling, Jiang Chen walked forward, reached out his finger and lightly tweaked Gouyu’s straight and sexy nose. “Alright, then I’ll take this bit and call it even.”

In the moment that Jiang Chen reached out, Gouyu’s heart almost leapt into her throat. Although she possessed a strong personality and walked and talked like a man, in the end, she was still a lady.

She’d always concealed the shy bashfulness of a girl beneath a strong, dominant exterior.

When things really came to a head, the jade-like skin of the shy girl, whom no one had ever touched, still tensed up involuntarily.

At one point, she had really thought that Jiang Chen was really going to make a move.

Who would’ve thought that Jiang Chen would take such a serious attitude towards this simple matter and only superficially tweaked her on the nose. This situation was very much like a big brother doting on the little sister from next door warmly and innocently.

Gouyu’s heart pounded...

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