♔ SOTR Chapter 118!

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So how did y'all enjoy that last chapter and the discussion of the "one"? Heh. Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I did translating it! ...actually no, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Period. Translating it was slightly... @_@ T_T X_X

A bit of clarification -- the 12th meridian isn't an actual current of true qi, it's comprehending the theory that it's a bridge between the true qi realm and spirit qi. Think of it as a "mental current" of enlightenment for the brain. This illustrates the problem this world has with martial cultivation. The 12th meridian is an abstract theory whereas everyone is poking and exploring themselves internally trying to find a 12th acupoint. No wonder there's no twelve meridians true qi masters! It doesn't exist in the form that they expect it to.

I hope this clears up the confusion!

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