Chapter 118: Jiang Chen Emerges from Training

Chapter 118: Jiang Chen Emerges from Training

The air of depression that had been left behind from the great battle had been swept cleanly away.

What did the successes and failures of a single moment matter?

Experiencing life and death was a commonplace matter on the path of the martial dao. If one were to brood on momentary setbacks, how would one face the greater waves and winds in the future? How would one overcome the obstacles that would crop up in their travels?

Enlightenment on the path of martial dao happened to be the most ideal way to triumph over these random thoughts, as well as to sweep away internal demons. This was why half the path of martial dao lay in training, while the other half lay in meditation.

Meditation could help one understand theory, sweep away internal demons, and bring about various sorts of instantaneous enlightenment. This kind of instantaneous enlightenment was most likely a sort of comprehension of a martial arts technique, but could possibly be comprehending some form of knowledge.

After Jiang Chen had resolved his questions regarding “twelve meridians true qi”, his obstacles in knowledge of the true qi realm were all swept away.

This was to say, that he could singlemindedly assail the path of spirit dao now.

However, Jiang Chen...

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